Toss Out The 3,000-Mile Oil Change Rule Today

Here in Ruston, LA, we have been taught how to work hard and take care of our investments. Vehicles count as real investments, and the routine maintenance should not be neglected. Avoiding regular auto servicing can cause unnecessary damage to the parts of your engine, so keeping your car or trucks oil replenished on a routine schedule is important to the life of the vehicle. Unfortunately, people tend to follow an old-fashion rule of excessively having the oil changed every 3,000-miles.

Here are three reasons why the 3,000-mile rule should be discontinued:

  • Most vehicles manufactured within the last 20 years have advanced engine technology, and require oil changes every 7,500 - 10,000-miles.
  • Changing the oil more frequently than needed increases annual auto maintenance costs, and harms the environment.
  • Frequent oil changes don’t improve the performance of the engine or extend engine life.

Check your owner’s manual for the preferred oil change schedule for the vehicle, and schedule an appointment at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston.

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