Steps Toyota is Making to Change the World!

Again; Toyota got recognized by Fortune magazine! The magazine has acknowledged Toyota and its innovation as being one of the top ten companies to take part in changing the world! Previously, Toyota got recognition for their strides with hybrid vehicles. Now, it is about their hydrogen strategy that gets used to craft the Toyota Marai. The Toyota Marai gets engineered with a hydrogen fuel cell that helps to limit harmful emissions from the vehicle. By contributing towards the reduction in emissions, this has helped Toyota get recognized by Fortune magazine.

If you are intrigued by the forward-thinking technology and strategies that Toyota has to offer, check out our hybrid selection of Toyota vehicles at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston. There are amenities inside of these hybrid vehicles that can also bring convenience to your drive. For instance, in the 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, there is an available Hybrid Energy Monitor that allows you to keep an eye on the SUV’s power meter. You can see when your vehicle is charging as well as if the SUV is using the electric motor or gasoline engine! The SUV even has the ability to use both!

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