Understanding the Importance of Routine Tire Rotations

We know that it is overwhelming when you start to add up all of the various costs that are associated with owning a vehicle. You have to purchase the vehicle and pay for it each month. Then you need insurance. Don't forget about the ongoing maintenance and repairs that also come along with frequent driving. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take towards protecting your vehicle so that you will have to make fewer repairs over time. One of these things is a tire rotation.

Designed to promote more even wear for your tires, a tire rotation basically means the tires come off of your vehicle and they are re-arranged onto different locations than they began in. The reason for this is so that you don't have two tires on the front that are wearing down faster than the ones in the back and before you know it, you need two new tires.

Plan on getting your tires rotated in our service center at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston today!

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