New Toyota Corolla iM Abundant Safety Features

Searching for the right popular hatchback? Don't make a purchase until you look at the new Toyota Corolla iM.

In order to see everything that is behind the new Toyota Corolla iM, just shift into reverse. This is how the rearview camera is activated, automatically turning the center console screen to your own camera lens, helping you to avoid hitting anything in your path as you roll out of that parking space or driveway.

If your new Toyota Corolla iM starts to drift outside the lane lines unintentionally, the Lane-Keeping System will alert the drive they need to take corrective action. To do this, the radars identify the drifting, then send vibrations to the steering wheel to alert the driver they need to quickly correct the situation.

Want to know why the all-new Toyota Corolla iM is such a popular ride? Test drive one today at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston to experience what other drivers already know.



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